Robotics Path

  • 3-8 th Grades
  • Beginner – Advanced
  • Engineering and Programming
  • Full school Year (Split in 3 Sessions)
  • None
 , Session 1 or on approval
  • EV3
step to robotics



In this class we take a fun, hands-on approach, turning building crucial STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills into an engaging, memorable experience. Working in small group setting, students will develop fundamental computer programming and problem-solving competencies as they build, analyze and troubleshoot several different robotic creations.

What Students Learn

  • How to build advanced robots using the LEGO® EV3 kit.
  • Discover how code translates into real-world, autonomous actions for your robot.
  • Understand how to use color, gyroscope, ultrasonic, Bluetooth® and touch sensors to control a robot.
  • Master essential skills for winning robotic competitions
  • Collaborate and work together on project-based teams.

What Students Create

  • Robots that can compete in challenges and games.

More About This Program

Students will get to see firsthand how their code translates into actions that control their robot. After going through the Engineering Design Process, students will solve real-world problems to produce a competition ready robot.

Session 1
  1. Build basic robot
  2. Introduced to design process
  3. Basic functions of EV3 programming environment
  4. Learn to use various sensor and forms of logic
  5. Participate in mini challenges
  6. Add on to their basic robot to compete in final competition with other teams
Session 2 and 3
  1. Advanced functions like Variables and complex maneuver logics
  2. They will apply what they learned in FLL style competition (within class teams)
  3. They will become more accustomed to the design process
  4. They will be more independent in their work.

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